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Spring is in the air

I’ve officially settled into my new job and looking for a new distraction from the pending thesis – I defend on April 27th! So, I’m blogging to put off the homework for just a few more hours 🙂 Hopefully I’ll keep up the posts this time around.

Phillip and I spent a good part of the weekend enjoying the nice weather. On Saturday afternoon we walked to the zoo to check out the new elephant walk. A long path winding through the zoo. Only the initial part of the project is complete but at its completion it will be several miles of path with ample grass and watering holes for elephant play. We reached the bridge to find a very thirsty baby elephant alone in the area. He was very cute and super active, spraying water and circling his watering hole. It was only then that we finally made the connection that it was spring and the zoo must be full of babies, just like this elephant.

We passed the orangutans who were inside, avoiding the hail storm. We spotted a baby barely visible through his mother’s arms. In the same building we were able to check out Phillip’s beloved gorillas. He especially likes the massive, male gorilla who is literally bigger than I am and smells unthinkably bad. But, I think the size is what amuses Phillip. Unfortunately, “biggie” as Phillip affectionately refers to the male gorilla, was missing in action.

We braved the storm as an attempt to recover from the sadness that came from missing “biggie” and were pleasantly surprised to find 7 – yes 7 – lion cubs. You can see them in the photo with their mom in the lower left and dad in the upper right. They were teeter-tootering on the limb at the right.

Overall the trip was wonderful, rain, sleet, hail, babies and all.

Saturday night was spent with the boys (plus Hannah) watching the Final Four games and the girls heading to a 90s Dance Party. The Russla (another nick name coined by Phillip for our friends Russ & Carla) time was much-needed, the 90s dance party brought me all the way back to middle school, every added night of bonding with the new roommate, Allison, leaves me happier to have her in our house and ending the night with a return to Hannah and the boys having a HORSE (we have a plastic hoop attached to the closet door) tournament rounded out an amazing fun evening. Plus, as icing on the cake, we got to see Mark & Meg! Happy to have such an amazing set of people DC to spend my Saturday nights with.


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